• Controls all Pneumatic, Spray, and Rotary Auger Valves (inc. encoder motor Valves) 
  • Universal power supply with snap-on plug
  • Clear 20 X 4 segments LCD display
  • Classic “Rack Mount” Rectangular design
  • Digital timing from 0.008-60.000 seconds
  • Digitally displayed pressure in ''psi'' or ''bar''
  • +/- 0.001% Repeat timing tolerances
  • 10 Programmable Memories
  • Adjustable low pressure warning feature



 Model  TS500R
 Input Pressure  100 psi (6.9 bar)
 Cycle Rate  900 cycle/minute
 Timing Range  0.008-60.00 sec
 Timing Tolerances  ± 0.001%
 Cycle Mode  TIMED, PURGE, Teach and Interrupt



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  • Brand: Techcon
  • Product Code: TS500R
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